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Tabular presentation of the differences between current league providers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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Game classes
Game-Class: 1on1
Game-Class: 1on1 AIM
Game-Class: 2on2
Game-Class: 2on2 AIM
Game-Class: 5on5
Matchmakingcoming soon
Software and Anti-Cheat
128-Tick Server
Own Anti-Cheat Tool
Cheater RegulationLeague-BanLeague-BanLeague-BanLeague-Ban, VAC-Ban-Transfer, Complaint
Scheduling and events
Side events
Playoffs on site
Division descent during inactivity
The structureBy region and divisionsBy classes and divisionsBy leagues, classes, region and divisionsBy leagues, classes, region and divisions
Profits and prize money
Prize money
Best of Half-Year Prize money
Best of Year Prize money
Merchandisecoming soon